Workplace Guidance

Stinter Health & Safety Declaration

It is important that you take reasonable care of your own health and safety, and that of others around you. You must report any health and safety concerns to the manager on duty, and help maintain a healthy and safe workplace by carrying out work in accordance with Stint’s (and the businesses, if applicable) safety rules.

Please read and sign the following declaration to show that you have fully understood our Health & Safety policy.

Preparing for your Stint

Before your Stint, you must:

  • Wear clean uniform and closed non-slip soles
  • Cover cuts/sores/boils with a clean waterproof dressing
  • Tie up your hair (if shoulder length or longer)
  • Remove jewellery or exposed piercings
  • Have short nails and remove any nail polish or false nails
  • Avoid wearing heavily scented perfumes or deodorants

When you arrive at your Stint, you must:

  • Wash your hands (see guidance below)
  • Make sure you are familiar with the sites fire exits
  • Ensure you are aware of out of bound areas, tasks that you will be carrying out, and any PPE requirements

During your Stint, do NOT:

  • Eat food or chew gum
  • Sneeze or cough over food
  • Handle sharp objects
  • Handle food unless under supervision
  • Use any equipment you have not had training for

Specific instructions

Hand washing

  • For 20 seconds and under hot running water
  • Use antibacterial soap
  • Dry with a paper towel or hot air dryers
  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the Stint


If you see something that you think could cause an accident, notify a member of staff as soon as possible.

If you have an accident:

  • Call the manager on duty
  • Record the accident, no matter how minor, with Stint’s Customer Support team and the business you are working with

If someone else has an accident and is injured:

  • Get help – either call the Emergency First Aider on site or ask a core team member to
  • Do not move the patient or try to help, you may worsen the injuries

How to avoid slips, trips, falls:

  • Wear sensible / slip resistant shoes
  • Look out for tripping hazards and remove them
  • Mop up spills immediately
  • Use wet floor signs when appropriate
  • Communicate with team members when you are coming up behind them. Just say ‘behind’, ‘backs’ or ‘mind your backs’


It is essential you tell the manager on duty if you do not feel well, especially if you:

  • Have diarrhoea, vomiting or an upset stomach*
  • Live with anyone who is sick or has diarrhoea
  • Have ear, nose or throat infections
  • Have infected sores or cuts
  • Have skin irritations or infections
  • Think you are suffering from a disease that could be passed through food
  • Think you have Covid-19

*If you have diarrhoea and/or vomiting you must not attend your Stint until you have been symptom-free for 48 hours. If you cannot attend, please let Stint’s Customer Support team know as soon as possible.

Food allergies

Be aware of the policy on handling customer enquiries concerning potential food allergens in each venue you work in, and always follow the allergy process of the venue:

  1. In any doubt, please ask a member of staff
  2. If a customer states they have a food allergy, this must be taken seriously and a staff member should be informed
  3. Note foods mentioned by the customer
  4. Go to the designated person for accurate information on ingredients present in food


If you discover a fire, raise the alarm using the nearest manual call point - no matter how small the fire.

If you hear the fire alarm:

  • Keep calm, reassure and assist customers and visitors
  • Leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings
  • Move quickly and quietly, do not run
  • Close windows and doors behind you
  • Go straight to your assembly point
  • Make sure that you are accounted for
  • Do not re-enter the building until the ‘all clear’ has been given


  • Unplug any electric equipment before cleaning
  • All surfaces and equipment that come into contact with food should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
    • If raw food has been prepared on the surface, detergent / disinfectant should be applied twice

Manual handling

  • Lifting guidance: bend at the knees, keep your head up and your back straight
  • Do not lift anything that is too heavy (test it to see if you can move it with your foot first)
    • If it is too heavy, ask for help