Why have I received a strike?

Our three-strike system is designed to maintain a high standard of performance required by hospitality businesses. Here are some reasons why you may have received a strike:

Uniform: Wearing the incorrect uniform for a Stint.
Lateness: Not checking in on time for your Stint.
Cancellations: Cancelling a Stint without providing 24 hours' notice.
Leaving Early: Leaving a Stint early without notifying anyone at the business.
Unresponsiveness: Failing to respond to a Standby Stint call.
Gross Misconduct: Displaying unacceptable behaviour during a Stint.
Poor Performance: Demonstrating below-average performance during a Stint.
No Confirmation: Not confirming your attendance for a Stint.

Sticking to our cancellation policy is super important! If you can no longer make a Stint, you need to let us know more than 24hrs in advance, so we have enough time to find a replacement. If you fail to show up for a Stint you have accepted without prior notice, your account will be automatically deactivated.

We really appreciate your commitment to upholding these standards.

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