What uniform can we request?

All Stinters are required to have the following items of clothing in order to be eligible to work through our platform:

  • White collared shirt (formal, long-sleeve)

  • Black collared shirt (formal, long-sleeve)

  • Black T-shirt (plain, no logos)

  • Black trousers (formal)

  • Black jeans (no rips)

  • Black trainers (plain, no logos)

  • Black shoes (formal)

  • Black socks (plain)


Stinters on the whole prefer wearing a casual uniform when possible (t-shirt, jeans and trainers), so if that is appropriate for your business, we suggest choosing those items.

If you have any items of uniform specific to your business that you can provide and would like the Stinter to wear (aprons, jackets etc.), then feel free to include those in the special notes for your Stint!