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What lengths/timings of availability will get me the most Stint matches?

Stinters who receive better reviews have a greater choice of Stints.

Generally, the broader your availability is, the more likely that you will be matched to a Stint. Most of our Stints are in the hospitality industry, and therefore take place around peak lunch and dinner times.

Lunchtime Stints usually start around midday and finish around 3pm. If you are looking for a shorter Stint then it's useful to set your availability for that period of time. Most of our Stints take place in the evening, from 5/6pm until around 11pm. Very few Stints finish by 10pm so if you’re looking for a longer Stint setting your availability to finishing around 11pm at the earliest is advisable.

It is less likely that availability starting at 7pm onwards will be matched to many Stints, as dinner service is in full swing from 6pm at most businesses. However, if you have not received a Stint offer by the evening this does not mean you will not work that day; we are always on the lookout for students to fill last-minute Stints!

When inputting availability, the most important thing is being accurate. Your can tweak your availability to increase the number/length of Stints you receive, but you must be available during your specified times.