What items of uniform do I need to be eligible for all the Stints on the platform?

There are 8 basic items that will enable you to do all Stints:

  1. A white formal shirt


Make sure it is formal - with long sleeves, buttons and a collar. The sleeves should be all the way down to the wrist (not to the elbows / shoulder-level). A white t-shirt unfortunately doesn't count. It's important to look smart, so make sure you iron your shirt and try to keep it free of creases!

  1. A black formal shirt


Similar to the white collared shirt, make sure it has long sleeves, buttons and a collar. Nicely ironed too!

  1. A black t-shirt


This should be completely plain - no patterns or logos.

  1. Black formal trousers


These should be formal full-length trousers (not jeans, leggings, or tracksuits), with no patterns or logos.

  1. Black jeans


These should have no rips or patterns & should be full length.

  1. Black formal shoes


These should be black, leather-looking formal shoes. No trainers, plimsoles, boots or Doc Martens.

7. Dark, clean trainers


These should be plain & dark (black, dark grey, brown etc) - without white ticks, patterns, soles etc.

  1. And finally... plain black long socks!


There's not much else to say about these.

You will always see the uniform needed on your App.