What is the Stint rating system?

Our rating system is a two-way street! After each Stint, the business rates your performance, and you have the opportunity to rate your experience. If you both rate each other 5*, you’ll continue to receive offers from the same business.

So, how can you achieve a 5* rating?

Punctuality: Plan your journey to arrive and check in on time.

First impressions: When arriving at your Stint, or meeting team members, introduce yourself with a smile!

Helpful Attitude: Be proactive and provide assistance wherever possible.

Task Completion: Finish assigned tasks efficiently. If you feel like you’ve finished, ask how else you can help.

Here’s what you should avoid:

Lateness: Arriving late leaves a bad impression. Businesses need Stinters to arrive and start on time.
Phone usage - Being on your phone can be a one-way ticket to a one-star rating!
Chatting more than working:
Standing around:
Uniform: Not wearing the correct uniform.
Attitude: Appearing disinterested, or like you don’t want to be on your Stint.
Absence from Work Area: Spending extended periods away from your designated work area. Managers will notice if you’ve been in the bathroom for 15 minutes!

Here are some other top tips:

Eat beforehand, as businesses aren’t required to offer you food.
You’re only entitled to a break if your Stint is longer than 6hrs.
Accepting or asking for tips from customers is not permitted.

For more details on achieving a 5* rating, check out the graphic below!