What is meant by ‘basic tasks’?

Basic tasks are those that require little to no skill or experience but are vital to the running of your business. During onboarding, we will help you determine which basic tasks your staff are carrying out which could be done by a Stinter instead.

Here are some common examples of how businesses use Stint:

  • Clearing/resetting tables
  • Polishing cutlery and glassware
  • Greeting customers and taking them to their tables
  • Emptying and reloading dishwashers
  • Filling up jugs of water
  • Taking customers coats
  • Taking empty dishes away from customers between courses
  • Collecting glasses
  • Keeping the front area tidy
  • Helping set up
  • Helping close down
  • Stock assistance (retail)
  • Keeping the main floor tidy and presentable (retail)
  • Tagging clothing items (retail)
  • Managing click-and-collect function (retail)