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What is 'journey tracking' and why is it necessary?

Journey tracking is a system that we use to ensure students can easily find their Stints and businesses receive their Stinters at the correct time. Journey tracking is an extremely important process to the functionality of Stint. It allows us to:

  1. Update businesses if a Stinter is going to be late
  2. Help Stinters who get lost on the way to Stints
  3. Help Stinters find the quickest and easiest routes to their Stints
  4. Send a replacement Stinters if necessary due to delays

This allows us to maintain a good relationship with businesses as well as help our Stinters out when needed.

All you need to do is:

  1. Confirm your Stint via the app when prompted (this will be 5 hours before your Stint, or the night before if you have a Stint in the morning)
  2. Enable your location whilst using the app - this helps us to ensure you have a smooth journey on your way to your Stint!
  3. Check in via the QR code when when you arrive at the business

Please note: Failure to confirm your Stint could result in you being unassigned from that Stint and receiving a Strike against your profile. Always confirm your Stint to ensure we know you intend to go