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What can I do to improve my chances of getting a 5* rating?

  1. Make sure you have the correct uniform

Turning up to a Stint in the wrong uniform can lead to the business turning you away. If this happens you will receive a strike against your profile. You only get up to three strikes, so it is important to get this right (luckily it’s an easy one!). We recommend always having our core uniform items clean and ironed; doing so will maximise your ability to be assigned to any Stint, whilst looking sharp too!

  1. Plan your journey

Check traffic and transport updates, and figure out when you need to leave in order to get there 10/15 minutes before your Stint start time to allow for any delays. Do bear in mind that travelling during rush hour (7am - 9:30am and 5pm - 7:30pm) always takes slightly longer.

  1. Charge your phone

    Please make sure to have a fully-charged phone on the way to your Stint so you can inform the Stint team if there are any issues on your journey - portable chargers are very useful! Once at your Stint, do not use your phone at any time. We recommend you leave it in the staff room.

  2. Read the notes in the app

    Most Stints that you accept will include helpful notes at the bottom of the description. Paying attention to these notes is vital as it usually addresses specific things that the business wants you to get right so they can award you with a 5* or tips from us to ensure your Stint goes smoothly.

  3. Positive attitude

A business would much rather have a Stinter who has never worked before, who turns up with a smile, is outgoing, takes initiative and is willing to work hard, than someone who has worked for years and looks like they do not want to be there. Always ask yourself - if the manager looked at me right at this second, what would they think

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