We have our own Health & Safety policies, how will the Stinters know about this?

A key part of onboarding with Stint is establishing the specifics of your Health & Safety rules and regulations and ensuring it is correctly passed on to each Stinter carrying out a Stint at your business. The following information is collected during the process;

  • Fire-exit locations
  • Any obvious dangers/hazards involved in a specific Stint and/or on the site they'll be working at
  • Who to report to/what to do in the case of a Health & Safety risk or injury during the Stint
  • Location of any first aid boxes and identity of any trained personnel
  • Any workplace measures or working practices in place to control risks, e.g. staff must not run in the kitchen, the non-slip floor covering must remain in place at all times etc
  • Any other important site-specific Health & Safety information

All details will be presented to Stinters within their app before carrying out a Stint.


Health & Safety is however a collaborative process between Stint and each business. Any information we provide to Stinters should not replace the Health & Safety training that you would ordinarily provide to your employees when they join the business. If you would like to discuss specific requirements, please reach out to our business support team.