Tips if you are a new Stinter doing Stint Teams

If you have just been assigned to your taster or just received a confirmed spot on a Stint Team - you have come to the right place.

With our new Stint team opportunity, we have been able to offer this to our Stinters who are stuck on a large waitlist. We are so pleased to do this as we know some of you Stinters have been waiting from 1 month to even a year to be verified.

Our biggest tip to successfully secure a spot on a Stint Team or get 5* on Stints in general is to do the following:

📖  Always read and watch the education we give you regarding your Stint - for every Stint we assign you to, we always attach the information regarding what tasks you will be doing, the location of the Stint as well as any useful information and training videos we might have to help you youtube on your Stint.

💡 We can’t stress enough that reading the information we give you for each Stint should help you feel more confident and prepared for entering a new environment. As well as bringing positive energy and a "can-do" attitude and you should be able to secure that 5* rating.