I have not been paid for my Stint

Please be aware that payments are made on Friday the week following your Stint.

This means if you work between Monday to Sunday, your payment will be paid on the Friday of the next week, not the current week.

On the rare occasion your payment has not been processed by the next Friday, please get in touch with the payment team and we will rectify this for you (you can reach the payment team via Live Chat in app). Payments normally come through in the morning, but may take a bit longer depending on your bank.

In order for us to deal with this issue in the most timely fashion possible, please make sure you provide the date, time and business name of the Stint for which you have an outstanding payment.

The most common cause of delayed payments is incorrect card details; please check card details on the app and update them if necessary. Please notify us if you have found any errors, as we will need to verify the update on our systems before reprocessing.