I don't have the exact uniform stated in the app, can I just wear something similar?

Unfortunately not. Businesses are very strict with their uniform requirements. Please wear exactly what is listed in the app.

If you are wearing a shirt, please ensure it is collared and ironed. Make sure your clothing is not patterned and has no visible logos. If you turn up to a Stint in incorrect or inappropriate uniform, you are likely to be sent home and/or receive a poor review. This will result in fewer opportunities in the future.

Please see some visual examples of the different uniform items you may be required to wear to Stints below:

Formal black shirt Formal white shirt

black_shirt.jpg white_shirt.jpg

Black t-shirt


Black formal trousers Black jeans

formal_trousers.jpg black_jeans.jpg

Black formal shoes

formal_shoes.jpg female_formal_shoe.jpg

Dark,clean trainers