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I am not getting matched to any Stints, why?

Please keep in mind, there are periods when the number of available Stints isn’t as high as we’d like. We’re continuously aiming to get more businesses using Stint, so we appreciate your patience while that happens! In the meantime, here are some tips that could increase the number of Stint offers visible in your app.

1. Availability

Keep your availability up to date to increase your chances of receiving Stint offers. Enter all the times you’d be available to work, and we’ll do our best to find Stints that fit your schedule.

You can update your availability in the app by going to 'Discover' > 'Add' > 'Add Your Availability'

2. Positive ratings

Consistently getting 4* and 5* ratings maximises the number of Stint offers you receive. This is especially true if you’d like to receive regular offers from businesses you’ve performed well at before.

Achieving top ratings early on in your Stint journey is our best advice! But this can be achieved at any point. Prioritise consistency to build up a solid Stint profile and get the most out of our platform.

3. Strike Count

Your strike count impacts your eligibility for Stint offers. Being a reliable Stinter and avoiding strikes is super important!

4. Preferences

Take a minute to review your preferred working environments and ensure they still align with your current preferences. The Stint offers you see can be influenced by your preferences on the app. You can check and adjust your preferences by going to 'Account' > 'View Profile' > 'Preferences'.

5. Communication

Please make sure you're responsive and reflect a good attitude when communicating with our team. Being unresponsive or abusive towards any member of the team will negatively affect your opportunities for future Stints.