I am an international student with a 10 or 20 hours working cap - what does this mean?

By law, some Right to Work documents are issued with a working cap - if this is the case for you, it means that you’re only legally allowed to work a maximum of (usually) 10 or 20 hours per week. It's really important that you don't go over your working cap, as this is illegal.  

When you give us your share code (during your right-to-work check), we’ll be informed of any working caps. This will help us know how much you’re legally allowed to work. 

Please keep in mind these key points:

  1. Responsibility for Tracking Working Hours: It's your job to keep a record of the hours you work (both with Stint and other employers) - the relevant week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.
  2. Not Exceeding Weekly Hour Cap: There is a limit to how many hours you can work in a week, and you should not schedule to work more than those hours;
  3. Completing Each Booked Stint: Before you book a Stint, check that you can complete it without exceeding your weekly cap. Once you book a Stint, you are expected to work it in full. You shouldn't plan to leave a Stint early if working the full Stint results in exceeding your working cap - instead, cancel it in advance.

Please note: breaching these terms can result in the immediate and permanent deactivation of your account.