Community Guidelines

We at Stint believe that safety for businesses and students is split into physical safety and mental wellbeing.

1. Ensuring Physical Safety

Physical safety involves both the properties of the physical working environment hosting a Stint and the physical actions of those within it.

In terms of a business’ working environment, Stint expects a hygienic, hazard-free space for students to work in, including no wet floors, fire hazards or generally substandard working conditions.

Physical safety also covers the actions of everyone on the platform, including students and the employees of the businesses. Stint does not tolerate any form of non-consensual contact, including sexual harassment and physical aggression.

2. Ensuring Mental Wellbeing

Safety also centres on mental wellbeing. To create an environment where students feel comfortable, Stint expects students and businesses to treat each other appropriately in their workplaces.

Specifically, Stint does not tolerate any form of racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-religious, xenophobic and ableist behaviour, nor any other behaviour based on a prejudice. Further, we expect everyone to be treated equally, as valued members of a united workforce; Stint does not tolerate offensive comments being made based on any personal qualities, such as appearance or accent.

Any reported instances of such behaviour will be treated seriously, involving an investigation by our Customer Service team.

Stint is committed to dealing with such situations in a thorough and considerate way. We promise to obtain as much information as possible from all available sources before making judgement on the appropriate action to take.